ABOUT David Eisen Machinery

The company was founded in: 1965.

Owned by: David Eisen and Amir Eisen.

CEO: David Eisen.

Number of employees in the company: 8.
Offices, service lab and warehouses: Kiryat Hamelacha Tel Aviv Tel: 03-6819191.
David Eisen machinery is one of the oldest and most professional companies in the welding and cutting field in Israel
We represent the best companies in the world in a variety of fields: MiG and TIG welding, Plasma cutting, Robotics, Welding rods, Armor wires, Aluminum and stainless steel, Special products for underwater or exothermic welding and cutting . Stud welding , orbital welding systems and more….
Second hand equipment, machines rental and repair laboratory.

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